Our story

In the Spring of 2013 we discovered a mysteriously abandoned house in the neighborhood of Palma.  Protected by the neighbor’s dog and a long stick in our hand, we risked a glimpse inside. We found white marble stairs with Art Nouveau/Deco handrails. Once upstairs, the ceilings were all 4 meters high with moldings and all floors had different 20’s floral and geometric tiles. Although there was graffiti all over the place and rubbish everywhere, we could imagine how this house had been once, and could become once again. 

Finding the stairs to the highest floor, we were astonished to find valuable antiques like treasure trunks, clothes, shoes, umbrellas, hats in boxes, paintings, and lots of furniture. The last room we entered would later tell us all the secrets of the house: a room full of handwritten letters, family pictures, military records and hand drawn maps. 

We inspected the building a second time, this time with a specialized engineer in old Mallorquin buildings. 'Perfect, built to stand forever, built around 1890 and renovated in 1922, the time that many people travelled to Cuba and the trend was to copy the Cuban architecture in Spain.”  The house was a prototype of ‘Casa Indiana’.

We’ve made these pictures before the restoration began. When we bought the residence, our family and friends truly thought we were crazy. So we thought to ourselves if we speed it up and twirl it around, they won't be able to really see all the work needed.  And back then we also thought, no one will probably ever see these pictures.

Arndt & Chantal