The Dux's mansion blog

Take a look behind the scenes of our personal design project! 

Located on a hillside overlooking Palma, the residence was built in the end of the 19th century on behalf of General Jaime Garau. 

El general or el DUX, at that time controlling Spanish forces on Cuba, was influenced in his design decisions by his occupation.  He was not ignoring his love for military fortifications:  The unique structure incorporates martial elements, like a massive tower and a secret tunnel that leads to Castell Bellver. In contrast, his residence also echoes features of the fashionable Art Deco movement he got acquainted with in Havana.

When we discovered this once distinguished residence, it had suffered from years of neglect that left it in a state of tremendous disrepair. Many buyers had turned away from the property, but not us. To us it was the ultimate canvas on which to work our art.

Our aim is to tread lightly and gently - striving at every step to preserve the residences authentic atmosphere without any attempt to restyle. We do this by recycling as much as possible, including building materials, and design features - trying to respect the entering 20th centuries craftsmen during a delicate restoration.  An added benefit of this project is that we’ve developed an intimate knowledge of a broad range of restoration techniques that we’ve incorporated into client projects.

We prefer to reconnect the building with its environment and restore her senses, but still some rawness, patina, wear and history will intentionally be integrated, rather than erased. 

"The past - clear and defined, the present - expect chaos, and the future - a surprise!"